The Pros of Buying Secondhand

By Mariesa Muscatiello

Are you leaving home for the first time? Whether it be for college, a new job, or a life change, the harsh reality is that many millennials can’t afford everything they may want. According to The Business Insider the average millennial is only making between $18,000 and $43,000 depending upon their location.

The top reads "MEDIAN INCOME FOR MILLENNIALS" below which is a map of the U.S. with 5 shades of green correlating to the key at the bottom.

The good news is we have a great solution to help millennials stretch their hard-earned money when furnishing their homes: Buying secondhand furniture. Believe it or not, secondhand goods are often more durable and have more character. Need some convincing? Here are the pros of buying secondhand:

1. More Affordable

When shopping at an estate sale, the previous owner needs the furniture gone for a multitude of reasons. As a result, you will often find the best deals with items priced to move. If you are at an estate sale run by a professional company, you can be assured that time and research has been put into the pricing of the items. Unless there’s something high-end or antique there’s a good chance you’ll make out like a bandit! Plus, there’s usually an option to make an offer.

2. Find Something No One Else Has

Nowadays, you can go into a friend or family’s home and see an item bought from a big box retailer. Chances are you probably have the same or similar item. Instead of spending your money on mass-produced furniture, why not buy a quality piece from an estate sale? Many estate sale items have been in homes for years and are often custom-made at the time of their production. Stand out from your friends and family and get a unique piece for your home!

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (and the newest Repurpose)

How many times have we heard this one? It’s been drilled into our brains for ages.  Fortunately, estate sale buying involves all of these concepts! By purchasing a secondhand item, you are reducing waste, reusing for a new purpose and recycling something old for another person. Our newest “R”, repurposing applies now more than ever. Find something you love that’s a little scratched up? Repurpose it! Make it a DIY project or even find someone else to do it for you (just keep costs in mind). Help the environment and think twice before buying new!

Well there you have it “The Pros of Buying Secondhand” for more handy articles and fun facts, visit our site and our blog.



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