Opposites Attract

By Giulia Balentine

It's important to never forget the saying “opposites attract” when considering spicing up a contemporary space with antiques. Putting together two contrasting energies is the perfect recipe for chemistry. Mixing modern decor with vintage pieces is the best was to create a timeless style while also adding a captivating and provocative  personality to any room. The warm and gold tones in a lot of antique pieces prove to be the perfect way to compliment a bolder paint color without overwhelming the space or taking away from the color. Vintage furniture can also look particularly beautiful and striking next to something new. Another way to incorporate antiques into a more modern and contemporary design is by making it your own. Put new life into any antique piece by reupholstering, painting, or embellishing it to make it fit your space. Antique furniture can enhance the characteristics in the modern pieces that you have picked for your space, and vice versa, creating a harmonious flow within a home.

 sewer tile bust   antique ship lantern   antique plate   mexican clay red turkey bank  cast iron organ mechanical bank 

If you already have big pieces of furniture or are too overwhelmed by creating a balance of vintage and modern with larger antiques, smaller pieces and accessories are the perfect way to compliment any contemporary style. A small vintage bust or antique piece can bring a new element into any otherwise ordinary space. These pieces make guests want to take a second look and begin a conversation about the way you picked the decor for your home. This proves as one of the perfect ways to embellish any design with antique pieces. Antique doorknobs, dishes, silverware, signs, posters, and paintings are also perfect pieces that can help balance out and contract existing style. You may be hesitant when it comes to mixing two different styles of decor, but good design is about balance and contrast. Layering your home with a variety of time periods is the best way to create a cozy and comfortable space.

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