Our Thoughts

  • Estate Sales don't just happen in-house anymore

    We pride ourselves at Avery, Teach and Company on all the services we can offer our clients. One of our services that is growing rapidly is the ability to sell online. Selling online makes the estate sales process easier for both of our clients; the selling client and the buying client. View Post
  • 3 Questions to Consider During the Estate Sale Process

    Estate sales are convenient and effective for a multitude of reasons. However, there are details and questions that can arise that you may have not considered. Here are a few questions to consider making your relationship and process with an estate sale company easier. View Post

A Personal Connection

One of the best parts of working at Avery, Teach and Co. is swapping stories with our customers. Learning how someone started collecting, or why they moved to the area is what inspires us.

We keep that connection alive between sales through our blog and social media. Let us tell you the tricks we've learned over the years and some of our stories. We're everyday people too, so don't be afraid to comment or stop by the gallery and tell us what you think!