What We Do

Estate Sales should honor your families life-long investments. Avery, Teach and Co. achieves this through extensive planning, research, pricing and a three-part sales system. Pre-sale: allows those unable to attend day 1 activities to buy online, resulting in better coverage for your items. Sale days: Held on Fridays and Saturdays, our professional and knowledgeable staff manage all the details for a fun and successful sale. Post-sale: Donating or sacrificing items left after the sale aren’t the only options. Our online post sale allows customers the opportunity to review and buy last chance items they may have missed. If having a sale on-site is not possible, we are more than capable of providing off-site and online options to ensure you have every opportunity to have a great event. A La Carte. We don’t expect every customer to have the same needs, sometimes you just need to pick and choose to meet your goals and a la carte is here for that. Some of the great choices we have to offer are: Appraisals, Online Listing, Home Inventory, Art Moving Services and Donation Services.

Clean Outs. Avery, Teach and Co. believes in a green tomorrow, so we pay careful attention to each item and its potential for reconditioning, reuse and donation. When we donate items, we inventory and assess value of all items to provide a detailed report to the client with their donation slip for their tax records. For a property clean-out, we will leave the property in a broom swept condition and ready for a closing, if appropriate. Managed Home Improvement. Once your sale is complete and your clean-out is finished, it may be time to sell your property but what if that property isn’t ready? Avery, Teach and Co. is ready to help. We have a list of vendors who can assist you in making your property market ready and get it sold.